Monday, 22 July 2013

A very Royal labour

As I wrote today's blog our next king or queen is trying to make an appearance into the world and I can't help feeling a little sorry for Princess Kate that something so personal, private and bloody painful is so public. 

I appreciate that it goes with the territory of marrying into the royal family and the accompanying annual wage but moments such as child birth should always remain personal. I speak from experience when I tell you, it ain't pretty. 

I could just about cope with the idea that a few relatives were waiting outside the hospital for news of my pending arrival, but several hundred paparazzi, with super zoom lenses & step ladders, well I can't even go there. 

I'd like to think that we have been thrown a red herring and Will & Kate have slipped out the back door of the hospital, jumped in a Royal Range and given birth in a quiet undisclosed hospital nearby. 

But no, at present a large majority of the world are wincing, squirming & empathising with every puff, pant & push as this Royal labour continues. 

I guess the over riding thought I have here is the irony that Kate's not too posh to push.  

With love from lovely Devon

(Sorry, no thrifty thoughts today. Couldn't find a seamless link between The Royal family & budgeting!)  

****stop press. Just heard the news, congratulations Will & Kate on the arrival of your huge baby boy!****

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