Saturday, 20 July 2013

End of term presents for teachers, just an idea....

We're on the home straight, the summer term finishing line's in sight!

The annual end if term school disco has been and gone with only a few casualties, surprisingly. The relaxed attitude to school rules meant the children were scarily on par to a scene that could've been straight from Lord of The Flies. 
Tempted as I was, I couldn't bring myself to purchase a jug of Pimms served in the dinner hall water jugs, (I never realised I was such a 'Jug snob')  opting instead for half a can of cider remember, I am in Devon, that's as far as letting my hair down went, best behaviour whilst the Head Teachers in the vicinity! 

The 80's theme didn't excite my Dear Child, he couldn't understand why he should go as something "that old" opting instead for his trusty ninja outfit. (Reality age check, you know you're officially old in your children's eyes when they think your year of birth as something they will be learning at school.) Should i have succumbed to the Pimms, (and im talking the whole jug here) the whole night could have tricked me into believing I was at a budget Elton John Oscars after party, mingling with the likes of Mr T, Freddie Mercury, Madonna & Pamela Anderson. (remember,  WHOLE jug, just me, uno solo.) 

Dear Child number 1 had an equally eventful week learning to sail for his school activities week. I'm sure he enjoyed every minute & is eternally grateful for my parting of £75, if "um yeah, s'oright" is anything to go by.

Note to self, might be an idea to produce a teen translation book to make my millions. 

With all that behind us, my thoughts turn to the last few days of school, and the obligatory teacher present. 

I'm trying to step away from the mass gifting of wine, flowers and chocolate. I appreciate the teachers need 6 weeks off  following the hangover left from drinking the 20 bottles of wine they received on their triumphant last day. A purely medicinal reward  in recognition of sharing a classroom with  little Jonny's year round snotty nose & dodging the perpetual nit fest in class 3. 

This year, I'm going for personal, useful and cheap. Dear Child hasn't made it to this year's Mensa list so no need to push the boat out. 

A few years ago My Dear Sister (who's also a teacher) received this present from one of her pupils. 

Without stating the obvious, it's a pebble painted white, with a smaller black pebble, 2 bits of black card for ears & 2 wobbly eyes glued together to with an end result even Blue Peter would be proud of, a sheep paper weight.
In my eyes, no teacher should ever be without a sheep paper weight.

I think it's a genius idea so I thought I'd share it with you all. I'm sure you clever bunch can build on this idea &  think of other animal types that can be created. My creative juices are running low, so for me, a sheep it is. Note for mums of My Dear Child's class, lets be honest, how many sheep paper weights does Mrs S need, other animals are available. 

From a thrifty mums perspective, you cant get much better than 2 pebbles & a pair of wobbly eyes. 

And as an end of school year present to myself; I'm going to drink the bottle of wine, eat the chocolates and marvel in the flowers that I would have be giving.

In recognition of all the homework traumas I've been through in this last school year. 

With love from lovely Devon


  1. Love your Sheep idea Ali. I'm encouraging my lot to handwrite a heartfelt note if they want to give something each to their teacher, rather than buying a gift. It's a bit like keeping up with the Jones' on the last day of term as to who has the better/bigger/more expensive gift and I'm not sure I like it at all! xxx

  2. I totally agree, which is why I'm stepping away from the norm this year. I love the idea of writing a letter, especially as it got more longevity than a box of choccies.