Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer Holidays Tweens & Teenagers

Apologies first for my the lateness of my daily blog, I've been busy doing what mums do best...list writing, I'd love to give you all the impression that I'm a care free, spontaneous kinda gal but I'd only be lying. There's nothing I love more than writing a list.

The only problem is, I've downloaded the netmums planner but when I began plotting my 6 weeks with my Dear Children I went blank.

 I've exhausted picnics on the beach while sitting under dens made from towels draped over boats, quashed the fun out of mingling with the donkies at The The Donkey Sanctuary (sorry Nics we will still come & visit you!) and any mention of a ride on the Pecorama train, well you'd have thought I'd asked them to tidy their  room. 

These were once a staple in our summer holidays diet and I thoroughly recommend them to anyone with younger children or tourists to my Little Corner of East Devon and I can occasionaly still coax /bribe my 9 year old into partaking. The 13 year old, on the otherhand, is having none of it. 

I can't even revert back to my own 13 year old self for ideas as 
A; I had my first summer job washing up everyday in a beach cafe when I was 13 (which isn't  an option due to new Child Employment laws)
B; I was a girl (so my idea of fun was different to a 13 year old boy's)

While my Dear 13 year old will be spending a large chuck of his school break skateboarding, sea swimming & xboxing with his mates, I'm not ready to hand over complete and utter freedom of movement yet, instead I'm bargaing his time and attention during a day with me in return for a barrel load of fun (ok may have set the bar a little too high on this one) I did consider a summer spent showing them how to load & unload the dishwasher for my own pleasure & benefit but that probably still falls under the Child Employment laws! 

So here's my list kindly contributed to by my Facebook & Twitter friends;

  1. Geocaching
  2. Making a bodyboard slipway on the beach into the sea
  3. Cheap cinema screenings (eg Vue £1.75 am kids club, Orange Wednesdays)
  4. B&Q Free DIY classes for kids
  5. Tennis   Tennis for free for all budding Andy Murray's
  6. Festival in your garden, peg out the tents, supply with goodies, bring out the cd player and go badger / bat spotting in the evening.
  7. Use Tesco vouchers for theme park days out.
  8. Letter boxing in National Parks 
  9. Swimming pool fun splash sessions
  10. Lego animations and upload to You Tube
  11. Free Apple Store summer camps
  12. Blackberry picking and pie making in late summer
  13. Cycling at your local forest park (thanks Jude & Sophie)
  14. Learn to fish.
  15. Stone skimming competitions
  16. Garden water park with a tarpaulin & hose (add some bubble bath to give a smoother ride)
  17. Pond dipping in your local wetlands (Seaton Wetlands run great events, see below)
I've also been given this fabulous book from Sainsburys that have both outdoor & rainy day ideas, can't recommend it enough. 

These following events are local to East Devon if you would like to add some more, please comment or send me an email which is on my 'about me' page. 
I'll leave this post at the top until Monday & will alert anyone on my Facebook page if it gets loads more suggestions. 

Hope you find it useful! 

Beer       Regatta week 11th - 17th August 

                Rockpool Ramble 6th August 12pm meet at the Heritage Centre. Free!

Seaton   Hangar51 laser game for up to 10 players at a time in the Underfleet      
               on Saturday 10th August (£2 per play or £10 a game for up to 10   
               players) and on 24th August Body Zorbing and a Climbing Wall

                  Wet & Wild Festival 15th - 17th August, Axe Estuary Wetlands: free!
                  Each night - meet the bats 8pm - 10pm
                  Fri & Sat - 11am Dragonfly walk 
                                    12pm - 3pm BBQ

Axminster  Reptile Ramble, Trinity Hill Nature Reserve.  9th August 9am £2 under 16's, £3  

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