Monday, 15 July 2013

Teenagers, mobiles & nerves.

Ok, own up who moved our damp little island to the sunny shores of The Med?

I feel as if my plee's and pinning for Florida have been answered but, not wanting to show favouritism, we've all been moved to a sunnier climate.
I'm loving this very unBritish Summer, This is just what my Dear family envisioned when we chose to shun takeaway delivery services and enviable sports complexes that city living offers and opted for a life of swimming int the sea after school and dinner on the beach.

In fact, after two weeks of sun, the idea of sitting inside to eat just feels all too claustrophobic!  

My Dear Teenager has also reduced ( I say reduced and not stopped!) his 'can I go on the X box?' requests and has also bought into the lure of an outdoor lifestyle which is great, had he not smashed his 2  week old new phone and not spent all his monthly mobile allowance playing app games on the school bus.
On being made aware of these incidents I immediately took the required ' I told you so' and ' this is a learning curve' approach but now 2 weeks on I'm feeling the punishment of not being able to arrange meet ups with friends and more importantly call me when he's forgotten our pick up point, has been enforced and his sentence is served.

And now, with a complete turn around at the thought of trusting him with a phone contract I've decided to (deep breath) trust him with a phone contract.

I've done the maths and to keep him safe & contactable at all times and for the equivalent if his monthly phone allowance,  I can get him a new phone and enough texts for him to tell his year group he'll brb-ing & gtg-ing twice over. (still don't know what that text speak means? I'm too embarrassed to ask and let slip how uncool I am.)

And, drum roll please, if I go through this wonderful cash back website to purchase the contract phone, called Quidco I'll get half the yearly cost back. For those of you who aren't familiar with cash back websites, here's the sceince bit....

When you want to buy something from the Internet you 
1, Go to Quidco 
2, Open a account
3, Find the retailer you are going to buy from (can be for goods & services such as insurance,energy suppliers and phones)
4, You'll be redirected to the website and your purchase will be tracked by Quidco.
5, Get your cash back paid straight into your bank. It takes a few months so people can't abuse the system but it does work, I've had over £1200 back in 2 years. 

So today, with a stiff drink and Rescue Remedy in hand, I'll be taking the risky step into contract phones for teenagers. I've had one myself for a couple of years but as a natural froog, I can manage it without the fear of horrendous phone bills.

My Dear Teenager however, has a lot resting on his shoulders to prove he can follow in his mothers thrifty footsteps.

Wish us luck.

With love from lovely Devon

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