Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Getting down with the Jonses'

I'm a little worried.
Not in a sleepless, panic inducing way.
Just a little worried. 

Every now and then something happens and it makes you wonder how the rest of the world sees you. 
I accepted long ago the fact that you can't please all the people all the time, not that  that's where I'm going with this, no this is just a simple case of realising that you have a reputation,

and sometimes it proceeds you! 

For those of you who are now thinking I'm about to divulge so juicy gossip I'm not, no this little thought bubble comes from none other than the good old potato. 

Yes that's right, potato, or in this instance it's the plural, potatoes. 
 3 bags of potatoes infact. 

You see when a person excitedly tells you they have bought you a present then promptly hands you a carrier bag containing 3 bags of new potatoes, which in its self seems very generous, but then announces they were only 7p it gets you thinking. 

By now you should know that I'm an eternal optimist ( although this status does drop occasionally) so I quite liked the fact that I come across as approachable enough that people don't worry I'll take offence at reduced gifting by trying to remove the cheaper price label and pretend they paid full price (we've all done it, haven't we?)

One thing I've noticed since the recession is the dispearance the keeping up with the Jonses, getting down with Jonses is where it's at! I find more and more the boastfulness, "mine is considerably bigger than yours" has been replaced with honest accounts of thrifty & frugal (see where went with that!) 

So back to my reputation and potatoes. 

This very kind gift got me thinking;
 do I look malnourished? 
In need of my 5 day? 
Is the effect of my thrifty blog reaching out to the kind hearted who want to help a family living on the breadline? 
or do people see me as a tight arse who doesn't like to spend their hard earned cash and is destined to leave a large inheritance to the Donkey Sanctuary?

Then it occurred to me that my addimittance to the thrill of a bargain has created a talking point. An open, shared acceptance that its nicer knowing you can pay 7p for a bag of potatoes and admit it, knowing no one will judge you. 

And what did I do with my 3 bags of 7p potatoes. 

On the advice of the lovely Sue, I made crispy, garlicky potatoes;

boil, drain, shake in the pain then transfer to an oven proof dish, add crushed garlic & oil, then bake in the oven.


 And they taste even better when they're 7p! 

With love from lovely Devon

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