Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Table manners revisited

We're nearing the end of our thrifty extension. ( big sigh) and despite the best laid efforts of well minded people telling me to see it as an adventure, living without a kitchen and somewhere to eat our food has been bloody hard.

The fun of sitting around a coffee table for our meals has been a challenge in its self. I'm well aware of the speech and language benefits of sitting together as a family and I'm flabbergasted by the thought of any family choosing to eat meals while sitting on the sofa, with the tv as a distraction. 

For us it's certainly seems the less logical approach to eat in the living room. 

 The only benefits we've seen are the ability to eat really quick and remain vigilant at all times as the meal time enemy, otherwise known as Rufus, is poised and waiting to mount an attack on our food. 

We call it stealth eating. 

The down fall of open plan living mean there's no room we can look our meal assassin in, besides that would be way too easy. 
And the only speech and language benefits my  Dear Children are getting are  how to give the dog verbal instructions ( "bed Rufus" , "leave Rufus", "come and sit by me and eat all the vegetables i don't want so am casually dropping on the floor while I think my mum isn't watching Rufus.") 

Instead of using this family time to talk about our day, the topic of choice is how to lean over your plate so you don't drop food on the rug & how to avoid kneeling in one position for too long so you don't end up with dead legs. 

I've decided that when we do eventually get round to buying a table I'm going to paint it gold & turn the seats into thrones because right now the thought of sitting on your bum with food placed at the correct height so you don't end up wearing more than you consume, is a distant luxury. 

And don't even get me started on the woes of washing up in the bath! 

With love from lovely Devon

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  1. not long to go ,keep visualising my friend x